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Senior Pets

The Golden Years

Beginning at around age 7-8, your pet is on his or her way to becoming a Senior Citizen. As animals get older they, like us, begin to develop illnesses associated with ageing such as kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. These usually develop gradually so that very often our pets show no warning signs until the problem is well advanced.

Early detection and intervention leads to a lifetime of good health. We all want our pets to live happy, good quality lives in their 'golden years'. New knowledge and treatments mean that many age-related conditions can often be treated quite easily, as long as we notice them early on. This can help add years to your pet's life, and just as importantly, give your pet the quality of life he or she deserves.

Together, we can help your pet. You know your pet better than anyone else and can alert us to any changes before they become serious. We can help you understand the common medical conditions that your senior pet faces, and discuss a regular monitoring plan that suits you.

Senior Pet MOT

We would like to invite you to book a FREE appointment for a full Senior Pet Health Assessment where our Pet Health Adviser examines your pet, particularly looking for problems affecting our older pets, such as lumps, weight problems and stiffness. Blood tests are available at special rates to detect early signs of disease. Should the need arise, your pet may be referred to the vets for further investigations so that we can give your pets the quality of life they deserve in their golden years.

Watch for these signs...

If you notice any of these signs, please report them to us immediately, before they become serious:

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