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Pharmacy and ordering

Food Orders and Repeat Prescription Requests

If your pet is on regular treatment from us, you can order your repeat prescriptions and any food you normally get from us online. The prescription request will be reviewed by your veterinary surgeon.

Your order will be ready for collection in three working days (Saturday, Sunday, and Bank Holidays are not working days).

Repeat Prescription Request Notice

Filling the Repeat Prescription Request form does not necessarily mean that your request has been approved.

In general, we are not permitted to re-issue repeat prescriptions if your pet has not been seen by a vet in the past 6 months, sometimes earlier if clinically necessary. The only exception is prescription-only flea and worm preparations where the re-examination period is twelve months.

We will contact you if for any reason we are unable to prescribe the medication you require.  PLACE AN ORDER.

We can provice most of the medicines your pet needs at the time of examination.  If we don't have them in stock, we can order them in for you within 24 hours. The Pharmacy and Dispensing is highly regulated legally, and all Veterinary Prescription Only Medicines (POM-Vs) need a Vet to authorise them. For repeat prescriptions, please make your request by 4pm, and in almost all cases it will be ready for you to collect by 2pm the following day.

Safe dispensing is paramount, all dispensed medications are double checked, and we have a traceable system.

Why use an in-house pharmacy?

Because medicating an animal is not just a paper transaction…

Written Prescriptions

Written prescriptions for Prescription Only Medicines, Category V (POM-Vs) are available upon request. The charge for a prescription is £12.70 for the first item, and £10.00 for subsequent items on the same prescription.  This covers, amongst other things, the cost of the veterinary surgeon's time to check your pet's records, confirm that the medication requested is still appropriate, and issue the prescription.

We may only prescribe POM-Vs for animals under our care, or on presentation of a written prescription from another veterinary surgeon. Prices for all our medicines  are available on request.

A written prescription may not be appropriate for in-patients or if urgent treatment is needed. In compliance with regulation, our general policy is to re-assess an animal requiring repeat prescriptions at no less than six monthly intervals, with flea and worm medication requiring annual checks.  Some animals may require more frequent examinations. These examinations will incur our standard consultation fee. You may purchase POM-Vs from a veterinary surgeon or from a registered pharmacist.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE. INTERNET PHARMACIES: If you are purchasing medication for your pet online, please make sure you only buy from a pharmacy which has been accredited by Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)  and  displays a “VMD Accredited Retailer” logo.  

While a number of legitimate registered pharmacies provide online pharmacy services, there are also a number of suppliers operating from websites offering to sell medicines who have no professional qualifications or healthcare expertise, or operate illegally from abroad. In addition, the safety and quality of medicines sold by unqualified internet suppliers cannot be guaranteed.  Accredited sites will display a logo that will assure customers buying medicines online for their animals that: