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Preventative Healthcare

The Way Forward

Our aim is to help your pet lead a fitter, more active and healthier life. We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, and many problems can be avoided by regular health checks and early treatment.  Take a look at our Pet Health Club, which will help you spread the cost of preventative health care for your pet!

Regular heath checks help us at Park Vets to detect problems early on.We strongly recommend health checks (like a pet MOT) at least once a year with a veterinary surgeon throughout your pet's life. At this visit the vet will check, among other things, your pet's eyes, ears, nose and throat, mouth and teeth, heart, lungs, legs and paws, skin, abdomen, gastro-intestinal system, urinary system and check for "lumps and bumps".

As well as a thorough nose-to-tail examination and usually a booster vaccination, we offer dietary advice, monitor your pet's weight and answer any questions you may have about their general well-being and behaviour. Remember, an annual check for a pet is the equivalent of a check-up with your doctor once every seven years.

Health checks are particularly important in very young animals to monitor growth and development, and once your pet is over 8 years old to allow the early detection of changes and problems that may occur in middle and old age. That way, we can show you how to stop things going wrong in your pet's life, rather than just trying to fix them when they do.