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Many vets implant a microchip that simply identifies your pet. At the Park Veterinary Practice we offer a new range of microchip which also contains a minute thermometer. We can now check your pet's temperature at the press of a button. This means no more rectal thermometers, which most animals quite understandably hate!

The microchip (about the size of a grain of rice) is implanted under the skin using a very quick injection. Once implanted, it can be scanned to detect a bar code which is unique to each animal. These details are stored on a national database when you register your chip. The information is kept there for life, and the fee is included in the cost of your microchip. If your animal goes missing and is found by someone else, he or she can easily be identified and reunited with you!

Too often a stray or injured animal that does not have a microchip is brought to us for treatment, and we are never able to trace the owner to let them know that we are looking after their pet. Once we have done any emergency treatment required, we often have to send these animals to a rehoming charity. We have also had many "happy ending" stories for pets that are chipped - one was returned to her owner after having been missing for over two years! We strongly recommend that ALL pets are microchipped.