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Free New Pet Health Checks

We offer free health checks for puppies, kittens and young rabbits under 6 months of age, to help you get off to the best possible start with you new family member.  

The puppy and kitten health check is a double appointment, lasting half an hour to give the vets plenty of time to thoroughly examine your new pet', and discuss all aspects of their healthcare with you. If you join our Pet Health Club, you will benefit from our excellent value Puppy and Kitten Starter Deal, which cover all your routine expenses including vaccination, flea treatment and worming for the first six months of your pet's life.

Free puppy and kitten checks at Park Vets near Coombe, Kingston

If you have recently (i.e. within the past month) rehomed an older pet and you would like an appointment to introduce them to us and the practice and have vets check that they have clean bill of health, that visit is also free - unless your pet is unwell at the time, in which case there is standard consultation fee.

We strongly advise a health examination within 24 hours of adoption or purchase for all new animals to help ensure that you are starting with a healthy pet, and not one that will tie you in to years of complications and expense with unsuspected health problems. During this and subsequent consultations, we will offer advice on nutrition, parasite control, vaccination, training and behaviour, neutering cats and dogsinsurance and any other area that concerns you.

We would like to encourage you to telephone or visit us for a free nurse consultation BEFORE you choose your new pet, as we can offer lots of advice on how to choose the best pet for your circumstances, what you need to get before your pet arrives, and what to do in the crucial first few days to make sure that you have a happy and well-socialised pet. We also have some tips to help you get toilet training off to a good start straight away, before your carpet is spoiled!