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Nurse Clinics

Our nurses strongly support the vets with free nurse consultations and clinics for every aspect of your pet's health and needs.

We have a very successful Weight Watchers Clinic where many pets have been helped to slim down to a longer, happy and healthier life. We help monitor the progress of your pets and promote their general well being with Diabetic Clinics, Arthritis and Pain clinics, Dental clinics, and Young and Senior Pet Clinics.

Our nurses are qualified to offer advice on all aspects of nutrition and can advise you on behavioural issues.

We actively encourage the involvement of other health professionals like physiotherapists, hydrotherapists, acupuncturists and the like, in the management of your pet's good health and relationship with you.

Our nurses are hightly trained professionals, though their role is often misunderstood by the public. We'd like to share a short video produced by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, in which you can find out a bit more about what our fantastic nurses do!