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At Park Vets in West Wimbledon our vets are recoomended by the RWAF

Rabbit medicine and surgery are among our particular interests. Rabbits require a very different approach to their medicine, surgery, and anaesthesia, with which we are very familiar. Tim Newton is a member of the Rabbit Welfare Association (it used to be the British Houserabbit Association) and is on their list of "rabbit friendly" vets.

Rabbits have their own unique health issues. Diet is of critical importance - an incorrect diet can kill a rabbit - and we urge all rabbit owners to ask advice in this area. New rabbit owners that we see were usually given poor advice when they bought their pet.

We recommend a complete and detailed health examination at least once a year. Owners should have their pet rabbits vaccinated regularly, and all rabbits should be neutered while they are young. This is of crucial importance in does (female rabbits). They have a very high incidence of a very nasty cancer which is completely prevented by timely neutering.

As with dogs and cats, we recommend that pet rabbits should be insured for veterinary fees. Veterinary practices are now prevented by law from giving advice on most pet insurance policies, unless they register with the FSA as insurance brokers. On our "Useful Websites" page there are links to pet insurance brokers who will be able to help.

Rabbit Friendly Vet logoWe would strongly urge all rabbit owners with an interest in keeping them healthy and happy to visit the Rabbit Welfare Association website. There is excellent advice on keeping rabbits on their Information page. Please also consider joining them.