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Special Offers at Park Vets Wimbledon and Raynes Park

In March we are offering 10% off all bitch spays, to help reduce the cost of what we see as an essential part of a dog's healthcare. 

Special offer on Bitch Spays

There are very sound health reasons for neutering. An un-spayed bitch has a 25% chance of developing a highly dangerous uterine infection called pyometra at

some stage in her life, though it is much more common in animals over four.  Spaying will also significantly reduce the risk of her developing breast cancer.  Unfortunately, the later you leave it, the greater the risk.  And of course there is also the problem of unplanned puppies.   If you want to find out more, take a look at our website

All of these problems can be reduced or removed by timely neutering.  And aside from all the medical reasons for neutering, the cost of treating these conditions can be as much as 6 or 7 times that of neutering. 

PS.  If your pet does not yet have a microchip, we can implant one at the time of the operation for £10.00 off the normal price.  Please ask about it when you book your appointment.