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Your First Visit

Congratulations on your new arrival! When you introduce a new puppy or kitten into your home it is a very exciting time, full of surprises and changes. We hope you entrust Park Vets in Wimbledon with the care of your new family member.


We hope to make your kitten's first visit to Park Vets West Wimbledon a happy one

This can be quite daunting for a new puppy or kitten, and for yourself if you have never previously owned a pet. We would like you to introduce yourself and your new pet to the practice as soon as possible - ideally 24 to 48 hours after you have brought them home. Come and meet the team and allow yourself and your puppy or kitten to become familiar with the surroundings of the practice. This helps your new pet to become comfortable visiting the practice and to feel their visit is a pleasant experience (lots of cuddles!) rather than a stressful one.  And because we're a "Cat Friendly Clinic", you can be sure that your kitten's visit to us will be as stress-free as possible.

To help you get off to the best possible start, we offer free health checks for puppies and kittens with one of our vets. This is a double appointment, lasting half an hour to give the vet plenty of time to thoroughly examine your new family member, and discuss all aspects of your pet's healthcare with you.

At your first visit they will have a full nose-to-tail examination to help ensure that they are healthy from the start, and make sure there are no unsuspected health problems. During this and subsequent consultations, we will also offer advice on nutrition, parasite control, vaccinations, training and behaviour, neutering cats (and dogs), insurance, and any other areas that concern you.

We hope to make your puppy's first visit to Park Vets West Wimbledon a happy one!

If you join our Pet Health Club, you will benefit from our excellent value Puppy and Kitten Starter Deal, which cover all your routine expenses including vaccination, flea treatment and worming for the first six months of your pet's life.

Our nursing team is also on hand to help you with feeding advice, help on settling in, do's and don'ts and any questions you may have. We also have some tips to help you get toilet training off to a good start straight away, before your carpet is spoiled. Don't feel we are just here for you when they are sick!