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Puppies: Essential Info

Pupy Advice at The Park Veterinary Practice Merton Introducing a new puppy into your home is a very  exciting time, full of surprises and changes. We hope  you will entrust the Park Veterinary Practice with  the care of your puppy. You can arrange free  consultations with a veterinary nurse if you have any  queries regarding nutrition, socialisation, as well as  all other aspects of general health. Our Puppy  Package also offers excellent value, providing all the  essentials you need for the first 6 months of your  puppy's life.

First, here is a list of the issues you need to consider to keep your new puppy happy and healthy:

Your puppy can go outside 7 days after his/her second vaccination.

1. Using spot-on – every month on the skin on the back of the neck

2. Using a tablet – every month in food


Below is a checklist so you can keep abreast of what your puppy needs and when: