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Emergency - what do I do?

If you think your pet is an an life-threatening emergency situation, please phone us if at all possible, before you bring your animal to us at our Raynes Park surgery. That gives us time to prepare for your pet's arrival. We can make sure they have a vet or a nurse free to see you on arrival, and that the drugs and equipment likely to be needed are ready. If you think your pet may have taken a poison, the vets can then call the Veterinary Poisons Unit to get their advice and to check on the best and most current treatment available. They can then get that treatment ready before you arrive.  

What vets need to know:

What to do with your pet:

If the situation does not seem life-threatening, you could take a few minutes to use our Symptom Checker, which will help you decide whether and how quickly you need to contact us.

Here are two leaflets we have prepared for you to print out and keep:

Is this a pet emergency?

Has my pet been poisoned?