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Our Veterinary Facilities

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We have a light and airy Reception area to welcome you and your pets to Park Vets.  It is also particularly cat friendly to make sure your cat's visit is as stress free as possible.


Consulting rooms

We have two consulting rooms where our vets and nurses examine your pets.

You and your pet will be welcomed into this consulting room at Park Vets when you come to see us.

  Our second consulting room at Park Vets West Wimbledon is used for surgical admissions and nurse clinics


Diagnostic imaging room: ultrasound and x-rays 

At Park Vets, serving New Malden and Kingston, we have digital x-ray facilities for quick answers

In conjunction with ultrasound, x-rays enable accurate diagnosis of many serious conditions allowing prompt surgical and medical treatment.

Our imaging room contains a powerful x-ray machine, digital x-ray film processor, and an ultrasound machine offering extremely high definition, echocardiography, and colour contrast Doppler. These allow us to examine the heart and many other organs in great detail without any kind of surgery.

Operating theatre

We always have a fully qualified nurse assisting our veterinary surgeons to monitor the aneasthetic at The Park Veterinary Practice near Motspur Park

We have a fully-equipped air-conditioned dedicated operating theatre with modern anaesthetic apparatus. We have facilities for both orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery. We operate according to the highest clinical standards, with vets using sterile caps, gowns, gloves and masks for all operations. It appears from recent research at the University of Cambridge, that clients believe all practices apply the same standards, which is not always the case.

Our anaesthetic monitoring equipment allows us to constantly monitor your pet's blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen levels, ECG, and breathing rate throughout the surgery. More importantly there are always at least two staff members with your animal during anaesthesia - one monitoring his or her progress minute by minute and one performing the procedure. This means that the vet can concentrate on the surgery, while the nurse can be sure that your pet's condition is stable.

Hospital Facilities
Our hospital kennels are at the heart our our vet surgery in Raynes Park.  We also look after pets in New Malden and Kingston upon Thames

Because we know how worrying it can be when your pet has to stay in hospital, we provide comfortable, purpose-built cages in an air-conditioned area. It is in the heart of our practice, so your pet will be monitored constantly throughout the day and get plenty of cuddles!

We have separate cat kennels at Park Vets to help make your cat's stay with us

Because we are a "Cat friendly clinic", we also have a separate cat ward, to make sure that your cat doesn't feel stressed by being next to an unfamilar dog while in hospital. The large cat cages are made of plastic rather than steel, so that they are quieter and warmer. They also have a built-in shelf so that your cat can get that all-important vantage point. 

Out of normal opening hours, the duty nurse has responsibility for the first-line care of inpatients. There is always a duty vet in charge of inpatients and acting as backup for the duty nurse. We are happy to arrange times for you to visit your pet in hospital.

Modern laboratory

Park Vets in Merton has an on-site laboratory to provide rapid resultsWe have a well-equipped laboratory at the practice so that the majority of routine blood, urine, and skin tests can be performed here with the results available the same day and, if urgent, sometimes within 15-20 minutes. This ensures that a rapid diagnosis can be made leading to prompt treatment.


The practice is air-conditioned for the comfort of our clients and their pets.

State of the art computer systems

All animal case histories are stored on computer. Your pet's medical history is instantly accessible from every room (and from the vet's home), and this ensures that the appropriate treatment is given whenever you visit. Reminders are generated for vaccinations, flea injections, dental check ups and the like.