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Cat Friendly Clinic

Cat Friendly Vet Practice in SW London

At Park Vets in West Wimbledon (Raynes Park) we are proud to have been awarded "Cat Friendly Clinic" status by the International Society for Feline Medicine - one of only a few vets in London to have received the award.  

It has long been recognised by Feline specialists that a trip to the vets can be much more stressful for cats than it is for dogs.  The Cat Friendly Clinic programme, run by the International Society for Feline Medicine, is designed to help address that by encouraging veterinary practices to become more cat friendly.  If your cat is less stressed when you visit us,  your trip is easier too!

We have put lots of measures in place to make sure your cat is not stressed when visiting Park Vets, MertonAt Park Vets we have put lots of measures in place to make sure your trip to the vet with your cat is as happy and stress-free as possible.  We have made sure our waiting room is cat friendly, with raised tables for you to rest your carrier above dog nose level, covers to keep shy cats hidden (and out of sneeze range), and lots of information leaflets to help you look after your cat.

Behind the scenes we have built a separate cat ward with large comfortable cages. These are made of a special plastic which makes them less noisy that conventional steel cages.  They are also have a shelf for cats to perch on, and a screen for them to hide behind - and are about four times the size of standard cat cages.  So if your cat has to spend any time with us, he or she will feel much more comfortable and at home.  Cats that have to sped the night with us in hospital are noticeably less stressed!

Because we're a Silver Standard Cat Friendly Clinc, you can expect, amongst other things: