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What Makes Us Special

We think that at Park Vets in Raynes Park we have something special to offer our clients.  We asked every staff member to tell us what they thought made Park Vets in Merton special, and what makes us different from others. This is what they said...

"Our practice has a friendly, family feel to it and comprises a happy, warm and welcoming team. A team which is dedicated to the sensitive handling and quality care of your animal, whose physical and emotional well-being is of paramount importance to us. All the staff have their own pets and are instinctively aware of how it feels to have a sick animal - our in-patients enjoy plenty of cuddles whilst they are in for treatment! Like attracts like and as a consequence we enjoy a wonderful clientele who make our jobs a pleasure. If you need a Veterinary Practice which prides itself on caring, compassionate, quality care come and find out for yourself."

"Offering the best vet service is what we're about. We treat clients' pets as if they were our own and spend more time with clients than any practice I know. We spend ages discussing the best options for their pets, both in the consulting room and on the telephone. We tell owners about laboratory results quickly and in detail."

"We are keen to get to the bottom of a problem and make a proper diagnosis. We pride ourselves on the extremely high standard of patient care and client service that we offer. We are a small, friendly team and all work well together, which adds to the happy family atmosphere here."

"We give a top class service, we involve owners all the way, and we do it all in a friendly, efficient way. I think our sunny reception room is an asset, as it is more informal than a large clinical room, and adds to the happy family atmosphere which we achieve, where owners can feel more relaxed even in stressful times. The staff all get on well, and this adds to the happy working atmosphere which I'm sure comes across to the clients and their pets!"

"As a veterinary nurse my duty is first and foremost to care for the patients under my care and ensure that every thing we do is in their best interest. This includes educating owners how to care for their animals and look out for signs of potential problems and preventative health care. I treat every patient with the utmost understanding and compassion. I want every animal that comes here to WANT to come again and not be frightened of their experience with us...even if this means taking twice as long to carry out a procedure in order that they not be stressed."